How to make a New Years "Resolution" not horrible

I don’t buy into resolutions. I’m all about manifesting things into the universe, but the idea of a resolution that you’re just keeping for a year, or most likely you will not even keep for a week, I’m just not into. Especially when it comes to health and fitness. Any resolutions that involves a whack diet or removal of a certain food group are genuinely horrible resolutions and ideas in general. (If you made a resolution along those lines, I’m sorry I still love you but c’mon now) People become so fixated on “New Year, New Me” and think that they have to change their bodies or the way they look to achieve that. There are so many layers and components both physically and mentally that we as humans can work on to become “new and improved” that have nothing to do with the size of your jeans. Although I don’t usually make resolutions like I said, I do want to give you some good manifestations to put out into the universe. These aren’t necessarily about dieting and losing weight or gaining weight, but focus on how you feel about your overall health. In the spirit of 2019, here are 19 “resolutions” that are doable, rewarding, and thought-provoking. Pick one or two (three if you’re really feeling wild) and make them not only a resolution for the year but a manifestation you can keep for your whole life. I know I have a few manifestations I’m putting into existence. So let’s get out there and manifest these into the universe together baby.

  1. Learn how to do things for yourself by yourself.

    Being dependent is the biggest roadblock when it comes to self-growth. Learn how to be okay with being alone and being true with yourself about who you are as a person. This will help you tenfold in all areas of your life- including your relationships with others. And remember- if you can’t be with yourself, how will anyone else be with you?

  2. Learn how to order a healthy and nutrient-dense entrée at a restaurant.

  3. Set a specific fitness goal that has nothing to do with numbers.

    Instead of setting a goal like “I’m going to lose 35 pounds” try setting a goal like “I’m going to make it through my entire workout without checking my phone” or “I’m going to pay more attention to how my body feels when I workout.” Goals that don’t focus on a number or a physical change but rather a mental one are 10x more rewarding.

  4. Incorporate a new vegetable or fruit into your diet weekly. 

  5. Start cooking with Olive Oil.

  6. Work on maintaining a solid and regular sleep schedule.

    Maintaining a regulated sleep schedule helps fight off all sorts of illnesses and diseases. From the common cold to chronic insomnia, actively working on keeping a regular sleep schedule can help strengthen your immune system, increase energy levels, and decrease stress and anxiety.

  7. Stretch every morning or every night. 

    Stretching is low key the best thing you can do for your body. Stretching is also a very rewarding activity. When you stretch daily you will visibly notice your improved flexibility which is pretty damn exciting.

  8. Learn how to be OK with giving into indulgences and treating yourself.

    Health is just as much about knowing how to eat healthy as it is knowing when it’s okay not to. Learn how to be okay with indulging on things you love (for me any type of candy, chocolate or sweet, sweet sugar- don’t tell my dentist) and not feeling guilty about it. You work hard, you kick ass, eat some damn Chik Fil A or B&J when you wanna.

  9. Figuring out what foods make your body happy and which ones do not.

  10. Take your workouts outside once a week.

    Natural air and light do wonders for both your mood and your body. Unfortunately, with work/school schedules finding time to go outside is hard. Instead of going to the gym, go outside and go for a run, a walk, or do your HIIT workout outside.

  11. Try a new workout class at least once a month. 

  12. Only eat out 1-2 a week.

    Your bank account will be happy too.

  13. Pack all your food and reusable and sustainable ways.

    Ditch the plastic bags, plastic cups, plastic straws and try using reusable containers. The “they take up too much room in my bag” argument is bullshit. We take up too much room with all our skyscrapers, trash, and mass construction, I think finding room in our bags for a piece of Tupperware is the least we can do to reduce our spacial waste.

  14. Find workout that you enjoy and stick to them.

  15. Eat healthy because it makes you happy and not because you feel obligated to.

    Although I wish everyone got as hype over hummus, really good apples, ripe avos, roasted brussels, and wild salmon as me, I know it’s not possible. But if you want to eat healthy, don’t make it an obligation. No one is asking you to eat your vegetables (besides your doctor maybe) so don’t eat them if you are miserable doing it. Make eating healthy something you enjoy and look forward to by changing you attitude towards healthy foods.

  16. Write down the best and worst part of your day.

    This is something I’m going to try. Every night take one minute and write down the best thing that happened to you and the worst that day. Be thankful for the best part of your day and think about the worst, how you can fix it tomorrow but don’t ruminate over it. Acknowledging both the highs and the lows in your day will help you better understand yourself and the people around you.

  17. Hydrate.

    I really don’t know how many times I can tell y’all to drink more water.

  18. Live your life for you and no one else.

    I’m not telling you to be an asshole to everyone else. But stop compromising what you want just because you feel like “you should” if it really bothers you.

  19. Be able to laugh at yourself.

    I laugh at myself everyday. I always tell people I don’t get nervous for public speaking because I embarrass myself just being me so whatever I’m about to say in front of a crowd really can’t be worse. And I mean that. Being able to laugh at myself, my mistakes and my life has really been the greatest confidence booster in my life. Life goes on no matter what, embarrassment passes, and people move on. It will all be okay and in the end you are just left with a pretty funny story worse comes to worst.

And most importantly, make each and everyday count. Fill it with great company, great food, great workouts, great memories, great laughter, and great learning opportunities. Let’s push ourselves further than we did last year and be thankful for the year we have ahead of us to do so. Love u all xoxo.

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