How to shop at Whole Foods like the thrifty bitch you are

Sweet, sweet Whole Foods- as much as I love your hot bar and endless supply of non-dairy ice cream, my bank account has a different opinion.  And if your anything like me and feel the need to spend $5.99 per pound on honeycrisp apples, you know the feeling.  Luckily, due to my embarrassing amount of time spent in different WF’s across the country, I’ve learned a thing or two about how to hack the shit out of that grocery store.  Below are some of my best kept secrets on how to save money, eat more, and feel like the thrifty bitch I know you are the next time you food shop.


1.     Know your Dirty Dozen and Clean 15.

Even though I am a strong believer in all things organic, spending an extra $2.99 on organic avocados when the non-organic avocados are cheaper and have the same level of pesticide contamination is dumb. Just suck it up and buy the, dare I say it, non-organic ones.

2.     Save 10% when you buy a case (and yes that includes wine too).

Every time you buy a case, whether it be protein bars, chocolate bars or wine (yes I said !! WINE !!) Whole Foods gives you a 10% discount. Moral of the story if you know you will eventually eat 12 LarBars before they expire two years down the road- just buy the case.

3.     If the fruit is precut, don’t buy it.

We’ve all seen it on Twitter- the picture of the unpeeled orange at Whole Foods “on sale” for $5.99. SAY IT WITH ME- WE ARE BETTER THAN THAT AND CAN PEEL OUR OWN ORANGES. Buy the unpeeled for $1.99 per pound.

4.     Sample, sample, sample.

Don’t you hate it when you buy some non-GMO, boujee kale snack that kinda resembles yak only to come home, try it, and discover that it does in fact taste like yak? Next time, sample it before you buy it. Ask any Whole Foods employee to try virtually any product in the store before buying and they have to let you.

5.     Follow Whole Foods on Instagram.

Whole Foods showcases deals on their Instagram every single day, including new products.

6.     Have your Prime account handy.

Prime members make sure you have the Amazon app on your phone. Ever since Amazon bought Whole Foods, they discount many products, including expensive produce, for all Prime members with the Amazon app.

7.     Buy produce on the weekends.

Whole Foods is constantly getting fresh produce delivered to them daily, but the bulk of the order comes on Mondays. That means, all the produce that was delivered the week before needs to go. AKA produce is discounted on Sundays to help make sure that happens. No wonder everyone food shops on Sundays.

8.     Hack the s$%& out of the hot bar.

All foods at the hot bar are priced per pound, so basically, the heavier your food, the lighter your wallet. There are ways to save money on your next hot bar dinner besides secretly eating chicken nugs when no one is looking. Pile up on lighter foods like cauliflower rice, chicken thigh (not wings- bones = more weight), vegetables, quoina, salads, pasta…etc.

9.     Talk to the employees.

Talk to the employees for two reasons: 1. they are probably bored at work and looking for someone to talk too and 2. The nicer you are too them the more likely they will tell you about special discounts or even give you theirs (shoutout Jonathan at the WF on Sunset, you’re the og MVP).

10. Bring your own bags.

Whole Foods charges 10 cents per bag. This may not seem like alot, but think about how many brown bags from Whole Foods you have stashed under your sink right now and do the math.

11. Buy 365.

Whole Foods is just like us- shamelessly self-promoting. Often times, the 365 brand is way cheaper than the leading brands so Whole Foods can promote their own brand. Use this to your advantage, I promise the 365 tastes exactly the same!

So get after it, get shopping.