Why Oprah eats bread everyday and you should too

If you haven’t seen the iconic commercial or what I spam all my social media with- Oprah eats bread everyday.  And so do I.  I love bread.  And for all those people that say they don’t like bread- I’m calling your bluff.  But, back to how much I love bread. I love it so much. Like so so much.  Like I would probably stop existing if I couldn’t eat bread ever again.  I’m really not trying to be dramatic, it’s just what would happen.  If you have ever seen me without coffee, me without bread is pretty much the same thing.  Terrifying, I know.

I feel like bread often gets a bad rep (potatoes too but that’s a whole other post worth of material) for being unhealthy and bad for you.    Bread, in some way, shape, or form, is a staple in almost every culture around the world.  In India people eat Chapati, In Turkey people eat Lavish, In Switzerland people eat Zopf, In France people eat Baguettes, In Israel people eat Challah, In Italy people eat Ciabatta.  Humans have been eating bread for longer than we have had a written English language.  If bread was really “so bad” for you, how have we all made it this far?  In fact, and you can quote me on this,  Marie Antionette actually said “let them eat bread” not “let them eat cake” during the French Revolution.  She must have been inspired by Oprah’s weight watcher commercial just like the rest of us.  Basically what I’m getting at is bread is a great source of whole grains, energy, healthy carbs and happiness.  It does not deserve all the hate it receives for being “unhealthy.”  I really don’t know what lead us to believe bread is bad for you (keto diet I’m looking at you), and I’m no Oprah, but I’m going to convince you as to why it’s not.  After all, its #stuffingszn baby.

Bread is low sugar (and it’s delicious).

A lot of people are scared to eat bread because they think it is has too many carbs and substitute fruit into their diet instead.  Although fruit contains lots of vitamins and minerals, it is also contains lots of sugar (even though it is natural sugar it is still sugar) and carbohydrates.  In reality, when people skip out on a piece of bread and replace it with fruit, they are eating about 15-25 more grams of carbs and about 20-30 more grams of sugar (give or take depending on the fruit).  I really hope I didn’t shatter anyones whole belief system, but in reality if you want to eat a lower carb diet it’s better to cut the fruit out, not the bread.

Bread is cost-efficient (and it’s delicious).

As a college student with no money, this is one of my favorite things about bread.  It is so cheap, even the organic brands, and can last for a long time.  Bread can also be kept frozen for even longer (about 6 months).  Bread is a great way to give your body the whole grains it deserves while also giving your bank account the break it deserves.  Bread also can be eaten with any meal making it a cheap go-to when you want to top off your meal.

Bread comes in all shapes and sizes for all the picky eaters out there (and it’s delicious).

I know personally, I don’t really love bread with seeds in it.  As much as I really, really try to love it because I know how good it is for me, I can’t get over the fact that the seeds in the bread remind me of boogers (sorry if that is really gross but it’s true).  Luckily, there are so many different options that don’t have seeds, or have x, y, or z and make my tummy just as happy as bread with seeds in it.  So whatever, your preference of bread it, I guarantee you can find a healthy option that fits it.

Bread helps keep your skin and nails healthy (and it’s delicious).

What if I told you bread makes you more ~beautiful~? I wouldn’t be lying- bread is packed with vitamin B and proteins that help strengthen your hair and nails and keep a radiant glow in your skin.  So next time you go to buy that $60 hair mask at Sephora, try eating some bread first.

Bread provides long-lasting energy (and it’s delicious).

Bread is a complex carbohydrate that, like other complex carbs (think oatmeal), provide long lasting energy that can sustain you throughout the day.  One of the reasons I highly suggest having toast with your breakfast (with almond butter, peanut butter, hummus) to keep energized.  Also the high fiber content of bread helps prevent blood sugar spikes and keep you from crashing an hour after eating it like most cereals and other carb-based breakfasts foods do.

Bread helps regulate your digestive system (and it’s delicious).

Not only do your tastebuds love bread, but so does your stomach! Bread helps regulate digestion due to its high level of fiber and omega-3s.

Bread can fit into any allergy/diet restrictions (and it’s delicious).

This last one is huge.  As most of you also know, I have Celiacs disease and the diagnosis hit close to home (I’m sure you can imagine due to my love of bread).  I never realized the one food I loved the most was what was making me tired, making my stomach hurt, and giving me chronic migraines.  Luckily, there are so many different types of gluten-free bread (also dairy-free, nut-free, ..etc.) that I can still eat and are just as delicious as bread made with wheat.  Also to clarify- just because a bread is gluten-free does NOT make it “fake bread.”  The only difference between gluten-free bread and bread containing gluten is the type of flour used.  For example, most bread is made with wheat flour which contains gluten, but GF bread is made with flours such as almond flour or rice flour that do not contain gluten and therefore are safe for me to eat.  The rest of the ingredients are exactly the same.  Yes, you read that right, exactly the same.  So next time anyone gives you shit for eating something gluten-free pull this article up and stick it to them like the well versed, healthy intellect you are baby.

And just remember- this is fake news.

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