Why Meditation isn't bullshit

I’m loud and annoying. Some one had to say it. Every other word that comes out of my mouth is probably inappropriate and I honestly can’t sit in silence with someone for more than 10 seconds because it makes me uncomfortable. I think I lost my chill at the age of 7, or maybe I never even had it because I’m genuinely one of the least chill people I know. But I meditate. I meditate every morning. I meditate while I walk, after I workout, before I go to bed, or whenever I get a chance. Basically what I’m saying is that if I can take the time to stop talking, to focus on meditation, to become thoughtlessly aware, anyone can. There are so many misconceptions about what meditation is and what kind of person you “have to be” to mediate. In reality, the only “kind of person” you have to be to meditate is a person. It’s a pretty easy requirement to fill. I could tell you about all the things meditation is, all the benefits it has, and I will eventually, but today I’m focused on what it isn’t.

Meditation isn’t time consuming.

Some days I spend thirty minutes meditating, some days five minutes, and some days 60 seconds. Days where I meditate for seconds rather than minutes are no less effective. Whatever time you have to dedicate to yourself and your spirituality is good enough. Meditation is not time consuming in the slightest and it isn’t a waste of time either. So many people I know love to tell me meditation is a waste of time. Those same people, however, waste their time looking through Facebook albums of some girl they had geometry with in the 10th grade and haven’t seen since (but that’s none of my business).

Meditation isn’t boring.

Another misconception is that mediation is soooo boring, like actually paying attention in class and taking notes and not watching Buzzfeed Tasty videos kind of boring. I’ll admit, doing the same thing over and over again does get boring, but the way you meditate does not have to be at the same place, during the same time of day, in the same position every day. AKA if you’re picturing someone sitting legs crossed on the floor with their palms facing upward making some weird noise that sounds like “ummmmmm” that’s not the only way to meditate. You can meditate while walking, you can meditate while you drive, you can even meditate in the middle of a noisy room. As long as you can focus on YOU it doesn’t matter where you are.

Meditation isn’t rocket science.

If it were, my ass definitely wouldn’t do it. Although meditation is a mental practice, it isn’t mentally straining. A lot of people don’t meditate because it is “too hard to turn their brains off” but in reality when you meditate you are still using you brain. Meditation is often referred to as a state of “thoughtless awareness” and although the goal is to clear your thoughts and focus only on yourself, it isn’t something that has to be overly complicated.

Meditation isn’t a religion.

Meditation is a spiritual act, but it is not a religious one. No matter what or who you believe in, you can still meditate.

Meditation isn’t yoga.

Although a lot of concepts from meditation are incorporated into yoga, that does not mean they are the same thing. If you’ve taken yoga classes before and absolutely hated them (I know there are people out there) that doesn’t mean you’ll hate meditation too.

Meditation isn’t weird (and meditating doesn’t make you weird).

Really not trying to peer pressure you but all the cool kids do it. LeBron James meditates, Ellen meditates, Hugh Jackman meditates, Russell Brand meditates, Jonah Hill meditates, Derek Jeter meditates. I would say they all are (besides Russell Brand maybe) pretty normal people. You can be, but you don’t have to be some hippy who makes their own granola and has a vegetable garden to meditate.

Meditation isn’t bullshit.

Just thought I’d say it louder for the people in the back.

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